Designer Max Osterweis’ new label Suno is both fashion forward and socially conscious, a rare combination in the industry. Following more than a decade of collecting Kenyan textiles, Osterweis chose to give back to the country at a time of escalated political violence. Not only is the artistry of the Kenyan people showcased in the brilliantly colorful fabrics, all production of the one-of-a-kind pieces is done in the African nation. As quoted in Nylon Magazine, Osterweis believes that “by creating jobs and teaching new skills, Suno can become a source of pride…and if the line is successful, we might inspire others to follow suit.”

And follow suit they shall. The quick success of the label speaks for itself: a full page spread in Nylon, a write-up on comparing the label to of-the-moment designer Junya Watanabe, and an exclusive 1,000 piece deal with Opening Ceremony. Thank you Max Osterweis for taking the fashion industry a step in the right direction.

Update November 2010:
Since this post in February 2009, Suno has gained much more acclaim with its innovative designs. Check out Suno Spring 2011, Resort 2011 and Fall 2010 collections on to see the progression of the brand.

Suno Resort 2011