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Artist Shout Out: Neil Krug

June 3, 2009 Art, Photography No Comments

Images from Krug’s book Pulp

Here in Lawrence, KS (Rathaus headquarters) we are proud and fortunate to give a shout out to full-time promo director and recognized artist Neil Krug. The 25-year-old currently resides in Lawrence, but his name and his art have traveled internationally.

Krug works with Range Life Records artists Dri and White Flight, and recently directed British electro pop band Ladytron‘s video for the newest single “Tomorrow.” Since being featured on Fecal Face, BOOOOOOOM, and Changethethought, among countless other sites, Krug has made headway in the artistic blogosphere and is currently in the process of releasing two projects. First is a book of photos called Pulp, a collaboration with super model Joni Harbeck coming out later in 2009. Second, Invisible Pyramid, is a feature film said to have just wrapped production in Death Valley, California in May and set for release this fall.

Krug sites Robert McGinnis, Tanino Liberatore, Alejandro Jodorowsky, 70s Giallo cinema, and the Leone spaghetti westerns of the late sixties among influences. His photos evoke a deep sense of visual depth and compositional consideration, and while the work sometimes inspires discussions of appropriation and the “fetishization of Native Americans” it more often brings forth words like beautiful, amazing, and wonderful. Krug’s photos seem to pull a moment out of fiction, making every detail both revealing and esoteric.

Neil Krug’s site is under construction, but his work can be viewed in-depth here.

posted by: Scott Starrett

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