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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

January 14, 2011 Events

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
Liberty Hall (803 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, KS)
Wednesday, January 19, 6:30-9:30pm

From the organizers (Films For Action):
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is a feature length experimental documentary that assembles experts in the fields of public health, anthropology, neurobiology, economics, energy, technology, social science, and other relevant subjects that relate to social operation and culture. The three central themes of the film pertain to Human Behavior, Monetary Economics, and Applied Science. WATCH THE TRAILER: http://www.filmsforaction.org/Watch/Zeitgeist_Moving_Forward_trailer. The film is the culmination and product of The Zeitgeist Movement and is being screened worldwide on a non-commercial independent basis by supporters of the film and participants of the Zeitgeist organization and Films For Action. Tickets are $4 at the Liberty Hall box office. 500 seats are available for the screening. (You may see flyers around Lawrence with the ticket price of $7.50. That price has since been reduced.) Proceeds from the film will be used for similar events. For more info visit http://www.zeitgeistmovingforward.com/

Art Roundup: July 9, 2010 to July 15, 2010

Weekly roundup of the best art shows and art related events in and around the Lawrence/Kansas City area.


Sonic Youth – Sleeping Nights Awake (Documentary) Michael Albright

SONIC ORPHANS: Lost Music Films 1965-87
Wonder Fair: Art Gallery, Shoppe & Studio
(803 1/2 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, KS)
Friday, July 9, 7-12pm
From the organizers: SONIC ORPHANS is a compilation reel of lost and found clips projected on 16mm, mostly silent, of some rare celluloid gems that have been seen by almost no one and have never seen the light of youtube. Most of this footage is truly orphaned film— abandoned, lost, found, and now presented raw without editing. The videos feature The Beatles, Avengers, Huns, Boy Problems, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, and Johnny Cash. The presentation includes a discussion of “orphan films” as they are called by archivists, a one-night photo exhibit & live local music by Kansas City’s LAZY. $5 at the door.


Wild West Film Festival 2010 Promo Video

Wild West Film Festival
Liberty Hall
(644 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, KS)
Saturday, July 10, 7pm
From the organizers: The Wild West Film Fest is a 48-hour marathon film fest that anyone with a video camera can enter. We hope to raise money and awareness for a good cause while getting people excited about local film making. We provide a secret theme and you have 48 hours to create a working short film – no longer than 5 minutes. You provide us with the short films and we provide you with a great venue, judges and prizes for the winners! Proceeds from our ticket sales benefit local organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, Halo Foundation, and Children’s Mercy Hospital. The judges were blown away by the quality of films this year. Along with the typical gang of local judges, we also enjoyed the company of local comic book writer Jai Nitz. He has written several comics for D.C. and Marvel. He is currently working on Hollywood movie comic tie-ins, such as the upcoming Green Hornet. There will be a costume contest during the festival, the most heroic hero or vile villain will receive a cash prize and a DVD of the films. Tickets are only $7 for general public and $5 for students.

posted by: Scott Stewart

Tree Mountain: 11,000 Trees, 11,000 People, 400 Years

click photo for a larger version

Between 1992 and 1996, environmental artist Agnes Denes created Tree Mountain—A Living Time Capsule.  The project consisted of a series of architectural renderings on vellum featuring designs for a new forest to be planted in Pinziö, near Ylöjärvi, Finland. These works  on paper became planning documents after the Finnish government decided to make Denes’ project its official Earth Day contribution at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992.  This major earthwork and reclamation project was designed by the artist as a community building project that also made use of waste from a nearby gravel pit.  To accomplish the massive undertaking, Denes invited 11,000 people to plant a tree. Each person became the custodian of a tree and received a certificate recognizing their role in the project. The forest, which is to remain a living legacy for the next 400 years (20 generations), has spawned additional projects in Australia and the Netherlands.

The 11,000 trees were planted according to an intricate mathematical pattern derived from a combination of the golden section and sunflower/pineapple pattern designed by Denes. The tree mountain is 420 meters long, 270 meters wide and 28 meters high.

See more of  Denes’ work via Chelesa Art Museum

posted by: Brent Carter

Funny Video: The skinNY

“The skinNY” is the story of Rachel and Joanna, two wildly self-confident girls from Orlando who move to New York to work in PR and “run this town.” They dress like it’s 2004, believe they can have any guy they want, and listen almost exclusively to Fergie. Starring Jonny Sollis and Fabrizio Goldstein (The Fat Jew). Produced by Nick Gallo from The Onion.

posted by: Harold Johns III

In WTF News: Roundup July, 7 2010

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel


According to a new safety zone rule passed down from the US government, reporters and photographers are not allowed within 65 feet (20 meters) of booms, boom operations, and other cleanup activities, except with the express permission of the US Coast Guard. CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports that the limit was originally 300 feet, but it was reduced to 65 feet.

But to complicate matters, under the new rule, anyone found “willfully” in violation of the rule would be fined $40,000 and charged with a Class D felony. Class D felonies typically carry a jail sentence. The law especially affects photographers in the area who need to be on site in order to properly cover the events.

Our two cents: I assume our new policy for the Gulf Oil Spill is to act like it never happened in the first place by banning media coverage until everyone forgets that it did.



Brigadier General Mohammed Asif Jabarkhel sits with folded arms in his office, just a few steps away from the security checkpoint at Kabul International Airport. “Of course I know what’s going on here,” the 59-year-old head of the airport’s customs police grumbles from beneath his thick moustache as a fan whirs in the background. “But, in this country, who’s allowed to speak the truth?”

Jabarkhel is referring to the huge amounts of money regularly being secreted out of Afghanistan by plane in boxes and suitcases. According to some estimates, since 2007, at least $3 billion (€2.4 billion) in cash has left the country in this way. The preferred destination for these funds is Dubai, the tax haven in the Persian Gulf. And, given the fact that Afghanistan’s total GDP amounts to the equivalent of $13.5 billion, there is no way that the funds involved in this exodus are merely the proceeds of legal business transactions….

Since invading Afghanistan in 2001, the United States alone has invested almost $300 billion in military and reconstruction efforts there. But far less progress has been made than what was either hoped for or expected. One major reason for this could be the fact that a significant portion of the millions meant for reconstructive efforts continue to be siphoned off. The people benefiting are often those who enjoy extremely close business ties with the donor countries….

Reports on cases of persistent corruption like this have enraged American politicians and led a key panel to approve a freeze on the $3.9 billion in aid for Afghanistan’s government already earmarked for the 2011 budget year.

Read the full article via Der Spiegel International (published July 5, 2010)

Our two cents: Thank god we’re not in debt in this country otherwise we might actually miss the $3 billion that magically disappeared in the Afghan War. Oh…wait a minute, we’re actually massively in debt – over $13 trillion in debt to be more precise.



Police in Ecuador seized a 100-foot submarine being built by suspected drug traffickers capable of carrying a crew of six and 10 tons of cocaine on underwater voyages lasting up to 10 days — a “game changer” for U.S. anti-drug and border security efforts, officials said Monday. A raid Friday by 120 police officers and soldiers netted the fiberglass sub as it was nearing completion in a clandestine “industrial complex” hidden in mangrove swamps near San Lorenzo, a town just south of the Colombian border.

Read the full article via LA Times (published July 6, 2010)

Our two cents: First and foremost you’ve got to respect the ingenuity of the Ecuadoran drug dealers who built the sub. And I’m sure a few months from now the Pentagon will unveil the first billion dollar nuclear-powered submarine built specifically for the “War on Drugs.”



The 91-year-old widow lived by herself in a tumbledown house on a desolate country road. But she wasn’t alone, not really, not as long as she could visit her husband and twin sister.

No matter they were already dead. Jean Stevens simply had their embalmed corpses dug up and stored them at her house — in the case of her late husband, for more than a decade — tending to the remains as best she could until police were finally tipped off last month. Much to her dismay.

“Death is very hard for me to take,” Stevens told an interviewer.

As state police finish their investigation into a singularly macabre case — no charges have been filed — Stevens wishes she could be reunited with James Stevens, her husband of nearly 60 years who died in 1999, and June Stevens, the twin who died last October. But their bodies are with the Bradford County coroner now, off-limits to the woman who loved them best.

Read the full article here via Associated Press (July 5, 2010)
Watch video of the story here

Our two cents: Creepy!



Cops carted away six-time Nathan’s champ Takeru Kobayashi after the legendary competitive eater — banned from the Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest today — tried to rush the stage. Two beefy men, wearing polo shirts with NYPD logos, stopped Kobayashi as he attempted to hop a barricade and reach Joey Chestnut after the San Jose, Calif., eating machine won his fourth consecutive Nathan’s title.

“I saw Kobayashi trying to push his way through the police,” a witness said. “He got to the top step, almost to the stage, but he didn’t get onstage.”

The muscle men put Kobayashi in a headlock and dragged him backstage. It wasn’t immediately clear what Kobayashi wanted to do onstage. Kobayashi was barred from eating today due to an ongoing contract beef with Major League Eating. Kobayashi was charged with resisting arrest, trespassing and obstruction of governmental affairs, police said.

Read the full article here via the NY Post (published July 4, 2010)

Our two cents: You would think the NYPD would be too busy harassing New Yorkers at post 9/11 checkpoints to work security at a hot dog eating contest, apparently not.


posted by: Harold Johns III


Artist Shout Out: Walter Inglis Anderson

Artist Shout Out: Walter Inglis Anderson

Walter Inglis Anderson was an American painter, writer, naturalist and bicycle enthusiast. Artist Bio: Walter Inglis Anderson was born in 1903 in New Orleans to George Walter Anderson, a grain merchant, and Annette McConnell Anderson, an artist. His mother’s love of art, music, and literature strongly influenced Walter (called “Bob” by his friends and family) ...Read More


New Music Review: Widowspeak “Widowspeak”

New Music Review: Widowspeak “Widowspeak”

With a Cat Power alto and Mazzy Star whisper, Widowspeak‘s self-titled debut LP embodies the essence of the 90′s. But with band members born just at the cusp of the decade,  singer/songwriter Molly Hamilton, drummer Michael Stasiak and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas offer not a retelling of the 90′s but a new generation’s interpretation of ...Read More


Runway Style: Thomas Tait Fall 2011

Runway Style: Thomas Tait Fall 2011

Canadian-born designer Thomas Tait began his career as the youngest graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins, completing the program at just 21. His graduate collection was then chosen as a feature in the CSM fashion week show for the Fall 2010 season, after which he went on to receive the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize on ...Read More


Photo File: Saga

Photo File: Saga

From the photographer: “I am Saga. I am from Iceland but currently live, study and work in London.” See more of Saga’s work on: Flickr The Neverending Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Read More


Style Watch: Harmony Korine for Proenza Schouler “Act Da Fool”

Style Watch: Harmony Korine for Proenza Schouler “Act Da Fool”

To showcase their Fall 2010 line, Proenza Schouler teamed up with legendary cult filmmaker Harmony Korine to create Act Da Fool. With the influx of short fashion films in early 2010, designers now seem to be stepping it up a notch in the video department – and in my opinion Act Da Fool takes the ...Read More


Style Trends: Beverly Hills 90210

Style Trends: Beverly Hills 90210

With the DVD release of its first six seasons and an updated CW remake, Beverly Hills 90210 has yet again become a source of entertainment and fashion inspiration for girls (and grownup girls) everywhere. References to the show in the fashion world began popping up in late 2006, around the time of the 90210 Season ...Read More


Photo Flash: The Camel Thorn Trees of Namibia, Africa

Photo Flash: The Camel Thorn Trees of Namibia, Africa

photograph by Frans Lanting, National Geographic Tinted orange by the morning sun, a soaring dune is the backdrop for the hulks of camel thorn trees in Namib-Naukluft Park. In 1990 newly independent Namibia became one of the world’s first nations to write environmental protection into its constitution. Read more about Namibia’s unqiue efforts at land stewardship here. ...Read More


Infographic: Sitting is Killing You

Infographic: Sitting is Killing You

See the entire infographic here Read an article about a Canadian sitting study here . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Read More


Funny Video: Charlotte Young’s Artist Statement

Funny Video: Charlotte Young’s Artist Statement

Any artist will tell you, the worst thing about being an artist besides being poor is writing a bullshit artist statement. Don’t worry though, Charlotte Young is actually a comedian and not a depressed artist so don’t feel guilty for laughing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Read More